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Dominion Electric -Bee Management Story


Healthy Honeybee? How do you spot a healthy honeybee?

Beekeeping Donkey

Beyond Property Lines - Impact on Wildlife

Varroa Mites 

Bee Foraging Coverage

A Harvest of Honey

Flowers that Attract Bees

UN News 

article 02/19/2016

What Slovenian Honey Farmers Taught Us About Beekeeping

What Colors Do Bees See?

How to Crush Fewer Bees

Are Honey Bees

Domesticated Stock?

 Recent Articles from Keeping Backyard Bees (online)

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Scientists Explore Why Bees Are Declining in Virginia

Pollinator Partnership

National Honey Board & Virginia Honey Label Law

Luring Asian Hornets

 10/12/2017 "Journal Time" Presentation by Doug Koch at BONS Meeting


Sophisticated 'Alarm' Signals in Honey Bees

Researchers find high-fructose corn syrup may be tied to worldwide collapse of bee colonies

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National Honey Board - in an on-going effort to support the honey and beekeeping industries . . . 

(Continuation of articles from National Honey Bee Board)     Project Apis m. 

Ten Million in bee aid