Training Yards

Welcome to the BONS Training Yards!

You have attended classes, obtained your hives, have the necessary equipment and a package or two of bees. Are you a little uncertain of the next steps? Need some hands‐on guidance?

Mission: To provide two centralized hive management mentoring sites where your questions can be answered, hive maintenance experience can be gained, routine findings can be discussed, resolution to issues determined, and the seasonal flow of beekeeping can be learned.

Requirements: You will need to have your own protective equipment with you and a bit of time to join the instructors at the BONS training hive sites. A desire to become a more knowledgeable beekeeper is recommended. There is no cost.

Where? Two training sites are available; Clermont Farm east of Berryville, VA, and Belle Grove south of Middletown, VA. Both sites are GPS addressable.

Who is invited? Everyone is welcome, especially less experienced beekeepers or anyone interested in learning more about beekeeping. Contact will be through email, as listed below.

Why? Keeping bees is a complicated process. Hands‐on mentoring for the new beekeeper’s first year is the best way to gain the experience needed to make beekeeping a lifetime of incredible learning. Without mentoring, the new beekeeper can easily become overwhelmed by the flood of information and advice that is available in today’s connected world. The training sites are operated by BONS beekeepers that have many years of experience, can answer your questions, and help you find solutions that work for your bees.

Clermont Farm 801 East Main Street, Berryville, VA 22611

Contact: Branson McKay email: Branson McKay

Belle Grove 336 Belle Grove Road, Middletown, VA 22645

Contact: Charlie Brown email: Charlie Brown