Got a question about feeding bees?  This may be helpful

How to do a “soft install” of a package of bees

There are many YouTube videos on installing packages of bees. This is a good one we have found and posted on our FaceBookpage of the “soft” method.

How much does it cost to become a member of The Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah?

The cost is $20.00 per family; $10.00 covers our BONS membership, and $10.00 covers our VSBA membership.

 • BONS Membership includes the ability to:

• Purchase bee packages through the club

•Purchase woodenware through the club

• Use of the club’s honey extractor

• Be a part of the Mentoring program

• Listen to our monthly speakers/presenters at meetings

• Sell honey at our local events


• VSBA Membership includes:

• Receiving monthly newsletters

• Ability to attend State Conventions

• Included in the State’s membership for research and lobbying to help resolve the plight of the       honeybees.


What is the best way to start beekeeping?

                There are basically two ways to start beekeeping:

  1. You can read about it – there are many books on the subject as well as resources on the internet; including You Tube videos. You can then purchase bees in a package, in a small hive called a nuc, or even catch a “swarm” (bees normally from a hive looking for a new home), put them in the woodenware you have built or purchased…and off you go! Oh yeah, don’t forget the protection equipment, hive tools and other such gadgets.
  2. You can take a class. BONS offers classes every year that last 8 weeks and takes you through the whole process of beekeeping. Check out our class information on this website…

I hear there are state monies available to reimburse for raising Honey Bees?

Yes there was. Go to this website to get more information…

As the 2014-2016 president of this club, I havet heard of some successfully accomplishing this request. At the 2014 Spring meeting of the Virginia State Beekeeping Association I am sure I heard that your hives need to be registered…I believe with the state department of agriculture. Some at the meeting had no problem with that while others didn’t want any part of it. I recently received a call from a member who applied for the grant and was going to receive it but was told they are honoring requests from 2013 as current funds are exhausted. I am sure a letter to your representatives would help stimulate a reconsideration of funding.