The Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah takes pride in its educational process for those who are interested in becoming beekeepers. Our instructors take you from an initial curiosity about the art of beekeeping and build your knowledge and confidence about the fascinating world of bees.  Our classes fill quickly once announced, so return to this site often for upcoming class schedules. 

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 John Lewis

History of Beekeeping, Benefits of Bees, Decline of the Honeybee Population, Zoning, Neighbors, Family Support, Costs, and Time Considerations, Ready, set, go! What you Need to Do Before You Start Beekeeping, Types of Honey Bees, Obtaining Your Bees, How Bees Communicate, Honey Bee Life Cycle, Types of Hives, Selecting a Location for Your Hives, Protecting Your Hives - Raised Platforms, Fencing, or Electric Fencing Basic Beekeeping Equipment – What You Need How to Install Your Bees into Their New Hive How Often to Inspect Your Hive Throughout the Year How to Inspect a Beehive – Inside and Out What to Expect Your First 12 Months Common Hive Issues Potential Hive Disease Honeybee Pests – Prevention and Treatment Honey Harvest – Honey Extraction Equipment Needed & How to Harvest Your Honey, Honey Label Requirements